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Rock Physics at Hess

Meeting Agenda

1st Annual SRB Summer Rock Physics Workshop Welcome! - Gary Mavko

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Organic Matter Maturation:Theoretical Study - Iris Yang


Pore Fluid Effects at the Seismic Scale - Jack Dvorkin and Uri Wollner


Mechanical Percolation of Particles - Abdulla Kerimov


Scale Effects of Dispersion and Attenuation in Layered Viscoelastic Medium - Vishal Das


Rock Physics Diagnostics and Seismic Interpretation in Offshore Tanzania Gas Field - Jack Dvorkin


The Revised Kozeny-Carman Equation - Natt Srisutthiyakorn

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Model for Creep and Brittleness in Heterogenous Rocks - Gary Mavko


Fluid & Solid Substitution for Cinductivity and Dielectric Constant - Gary Mavko

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Elastcity-conductivity Cross-property Relatons - Priyanka Dutta


Reservoir Characterization in Stybarrow Field -  Humberto Arevalo-Lopez and Gary Mavko


Scale Dependence of Rock Physics Transforms - Jack Dvorkin and Uri Wollner


Granular Dynamics Look at Stress Simulation - Gary Mavko, Abdulla Kerimov and Nishank Saxena


Computer Graphics, Rock Physics and Evloving Pore Geometry Simulations - Tapan Mukerji

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